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Rental Platform

Today, renting and using equipment according to periodic needs has made the rental sector a constantly changing and developing sector.


With the Fiorent rental product:

  • Periodic and dynamic Pricing

  • Project follow-up with contracts, payment plans, and task assignments 

  • Purchasing and approval processes

  •  Equipment status tracking 

  • Fleet availability schedule

  •  Maintenance, breakdown, damage, warranty, and substitution processes with work orders

  •  A transparent and traceable system with authorization, role management, and log structure



Increase customer satisfaction with our mobile solutions that easily integrate with your rental system and provide real-time monitoring of your processes.

  • Equipment delivery-return planning

  •  Instant status monitoring of equipment

  • Mobile delivery and return report

  • End-user maintenance, breakdown, damage, warranty, and substitution requests

  • Recording appraisal processes

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Quickly reach your business partners with customer, consultant and service portals and work in an integrated manner in all processes.

  • Fleet manager reports

  • Contract and payment schedules

  •  Criminal and registration procedures with the consultant

  • Work order integration with services

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Integrate with all SAP, non-SAP ERP systems, and accounting systems. Monitor your data exchanges in integrations instantly.

  •  Rent invoices

  •  Reflection income and expense items

  •  Second-hand sale

  •  Customer risk status

  •  Fixed asset

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