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 Make it easy to access your fleet whenever you need it.

Manage your daily operations with our mobile applications. Reach our team and end users instantly with notifications and actively manage your fleet.


End User Mobile Application

It enables your rental customers to view up-to-date data on their users' equipment, make online requests, and communicate with end users. With this application, vehicle users can perform the following operations: -View the data of the equipment -Notification in case of expiration -Creating, listing, and tracking maintenance & breakdown, damage, tire change, substitute equipment requests and work order status -Notification of service assignments -Help and useful documents


Equipment Delivery

Mobile Application

You can track the equipment to be delivered or picked up by your customers via mobile applications. You can assign work to an external valet etc. or an in-house delivery team. You can perform your delivery and pick-up operations with departure and arrival information on a mobile basis. While performing all these operations, you can determine which user can operate on which equipment from the system with delivery orders. You can create delivery forms and share them via e-mail via the application, if desired, you can share them via mobile signature. you can use it.

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