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About Fiorent


 Our Experience

With 12 years of industry experience, Novacon's brand Fiorent was founded 5 years ago. Fiorent offers an innovative solution to the rental industry with its dynamic product family. Rental helps you take your rental operation one step ahead with portal, mobile applications and integrations. With our software and product family, we cater to the automotive, construction equipment, medical, cameras, music equipment, furniture and more industries.


Our Turkish-based brand continues to operate physically in two countries, Turkey and England. Our head office is Gebze Bilişim Vadisi, and we have a second office in London.


Our Fiorent team consists of software engineers, business analysts, project managers, sales and marketing teams and a total of 20+ people.

We work hard every day to provide first class service to our customers from different cities of Turkey and the world on this path we started with our teammates.


As Fiorent, our mission is to be the software company that provides the most reliable equipment rental software service in the rental industry. We always prioritize the needs of our customers and offer them customized solutions, taking care to work together.


We believe the best way to achieve our goals is to collaborate with partners who share our vision and passion for innovation.

Our Business Partners

While walking on this path, our biggest goal is to support our business partners as the technology partner they need to be successful.


We believe that Fiorent which we are constantly developing by following new opinions and current technologies, will continue to provide first-class service in the equipment rental software sector.


When working with our business partners, we take care to establish an honest and open communication with each of our partners. Because our business partners are in different industries and have unique characteristics, we take the time to understand their needs and goals on the road to success. We continue to work closely with our partners on this road to success and provide the necessary support in a timely manner. Our main motivations are that as your success increases, our success increases and that it contributes to the development of our society.

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"Our team has made its decision!

Our company culture is great and our Great Place to Work certification proves it"

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