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Organization, Task Management, Calculation Tool, Approval Processes and More!

Task Management

You can assign tasks to your team and can make plans within projects, track the closing times of tasks, and associate them with performance processes.



Adjusting the basic parameters necessary for the calculation of the rental price, defining the costs, service fees, financial valuations and dynamically calculating the project profitability.


Dynamic Approval Processes

In your leasing processes, you can dynamically and gradually adjust your workflow according to the parameters you specify, track the status of each lease agreement, offer, purchase order and work orders, and measure the time elapsed between workflows.

Organization Tree

You can define all organizational structures such as sales offices, warehouse locations, stock locations within your company structure, integrate them with the leasing processes and report them on an organizational basis.



Equipment and Serial Number

It manages the processes of identification of rental equipment, spare parts and service equipment and associating them with serial numbers.

Stock Management

It facilitates inventory tracking with Warehouses and Locations, and automates statuses such as rented, serviced, defective.


It ensures the follow-up of the costs arising from the Registration and Registration processes of the equipment.

Purchase Order

You can create your own workflow for equipment to be purchased from suppliers, digitize purchasing processes.

Stock Transfer

It enables the transfer of equipment by integrating transfer orders and accounting transactions between warehouses or locations.

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After Sales Services

Work Order

It provides an end-to-end service management module by enabling the monitoring of maintenance, malfunction, damage, theft, etc. processes on the equipment, creating process planning and workflows depending on the parameters, as well as the entry of income and expense records in each work order.

Damage Management

With our insurance, expertise and service business partners, you can manage your damage files, collect all documents in work orders, and associate them with contracts.


You can define different insurance products for your equipment according to the parameters you set, track the policies that will be insured and expire, and associate them with after sales.


You can follow up your periodic maintenance and repair processes by associating them with work orders, service planning, spare parts-labor details with accounting.


Contract Management

You can define rules in contract management for the lease lifecycle, and manage end-to-end with different contract types, termination and change processes.

Additional Protocol

You can manage the revisions arising from the contract by associating them with different workflows as a separate protocol, and automatically calculate different price calculations or fines when necessary.


You can design your offers to customers according to the parameters, create your workflows according to each offer type, follow your offer steps with CRM integration, and send automatic forms to your customers.


You can enter hourly, daily, weekly, monthly reservations manually or automatically, and automate equipment availability by associating them with locations through reservations.



It is a revenue management module that covers the accounting processes as well as E-Invoice integrations of revenues arising from contracts and leasing transactions. It provides income tracking on the basis of equipment.


It ensures that expense invoices arising from after sales services or purchasing processes are processed into the system and associated with serial numbers, and expense tracking can be made on the basis of equipment.

Profitability Analysis

It allows you to make instant profitability analysis by defining equipment, customers, contracts, etc. parameters along with income and expense records, and comparing them with the planned income and expense items.


User and Transaction Logs

All transactions and changes made by users on the system are recorded as history on a field basis.

This recorded history can be reported separately on a transaction basis, on a module basis or on a user basis.


Reports on supervisory issues can be used. In addition, the histories of the services called on all screens where transactions are made are recorded with the transaction logs. Especially in integration issues, these logs make tracking and problem solving easier.

User Management

With a wide authorization mechanism, different roles can be created with different authorization objects in all screen and approval processes, and these created roles can be assigned to users.

Periodic authorization assignments can be made to different users through authorization transfer processes in certain periods.

Cross-check and comparisons can be made with role, authority reporting.

Role and Authority Management

In the system, users can be manually created individually or collectively, while users can log into the system with LDAP, active directory and social media integrations.

Users' password complexity, e-mail verification, login with SMS integration, session timeout controls can also be managed parametrically.



You can record pre-sales activities, track visit plans, sales opportunities, and associate them with offer processes.

In addition, you can get potential customer tracking, conversion rate of sales opportunities into offers reports on the system.

By associating the after-sales with the CRM module, you can automatically schedule visits on the equipment that will expire, monitor the equipment status with integrations and automatically inform the customers through the system.

The CRM module is flexible, renewable and integratable at every step.


You can define all your business partners such as customer, supplier, agency, branch, etc. integrate them with CRM systems, group and report with different parameters in order to use business partners effectively in sales, after sales, purchasing processes.
You can also log in to relevant persons, contract terms, etc. and integrate them within your rental processes.



JATO is a data supplier for market trend analysis, vehicle equipment, vehicle prices and more.

HGS Corporate

It is a service that allows you to easily manage and track the HGS tags of the vehicles in your fleet from a single place.


It is an accident detection and in-vehicle emergency call system.


It is a highly accurate RV forecasting system with quality data.

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