New Generation Online Fleet Leasing Management

You may also have an end-to-end online fleet management system with Long-term and Fleet Leasing Applications, Daily Leasing, Integrated Website, Agency and Broker Management, Transfer and Valet Applications, Customer Portal and Mobile Applications.

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Fleet Leasing Management

Fleet Leasing Management

Manage your fleet effectively with after-sale services and all supporting integrations, while tracking identification of your vehicles and equipment, purchase and registry procedures, and quotation and lease agreements.

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Don't let your costs slip through the cracks

Manage all your income and expense items, fixed or variable costs arising during leasing activities from the purchase of your vehicles to 2nd hand sale.

Don't let your costs slip through the cracks

Ease your management burden

Ensure where your vehicles are, fleet occupancy rate, and capacity by means of a new generation online fleet system; ensure that your operation executives and employees are working in a planned way by means of job assignments and ensure up-to-date data tracking with the integration possibilities you desire.

Ease your management burden

Track after-sale services

Track after-sale services of your vehicles with our modules such as maintenance, dysfunction, tire, HGS (Fast Transit System), traffic fine and replacement vehicle, etc. and let your customer track as well, get customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Track after-sale services
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Fleet Leasing Management

Don't you want to have all these features?


It does not require any installation; you can start using it at any time.

Mobile Compatible

You can access all applications platform-independent from your mobile phones and tablets.

User Friendly

Thanks to user-friendly screens, you can quickly start using them.

Independent of Lang & Currency

You can manage all your processes with the language and currency you want.

Complete Solution

An end-to-end solution with applications such as Fleet Management, Daily Leasing, Customer Portal and Flexible Integrations.

24/7 Support

Our solution-oriented team, speaking the same language as you, is with you at any time.