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Our Operational Software Solutions

Operational Rental Software

With fleet management, you can manage all the processes of all your financial assets from purchase to second-hand sales together with accounting applications and create analytical data with reporting solutions.



Accounting and Current Tracking

Price Calculation

Damage Management

Dynamic Approval Processes





Traffic Penalty




Organization Tree


User Management

User and Transaction Log Management

Document Management

Simplify management.


It combines your daily operational work with statistical data and offers more than a dashboard screen where you can monitor the jobs assigned to you and administrative reports.

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Adjusting the basic parameters necessary for the calculation of the rental price, defining the costs, service fees, financial valuations and dynamically calculating the project profitability.


You can follow up your periodic maintenance and repair processes by associating them with work orders, service planning, spare parts-labor details with accounting.

Contract Management

You can define rules in contract management for the lease lifecycle, and manage end-to-end with different contract types, termination and change processes.


You can design your offers to customers according to the parameters, create your workflows according to each offer type, follow your offer steps with CRM integration, and send automatic forms to your customers.

Advanced Solutions

The software's advanced features enable users to streamline complex tasks, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities in their workflow.

Customer Portal

Supplier Portal

End User Mobile Application

Equipment Delivery Mobile Application

Customer Portal


The portal is prepared for online reporting of all processes, transparent presentation of workflows and strengthening your customer communication. With this portal, your customers can do the following:

  • Statistical data (total equipment park, total work order etc.)

  • Contract and payment plans

  • Equipment park

  • Equipment to expire

  • New equipment, time extension, company transfer, contract terms, revision request

  • Maintenance & breakdown, damage, tire, replacement equipment request creation, listing and tracking of task order status

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Supplier Portal

It is ensured that all suppliers can enter price offers, process the work orders of the services you work with, and enter proforma and parts and labor details.

You can assign work assignments to your suppliers based on maintenance & breakdown, damage, tire, and you can track the transactions online. Job assignments and operations are integrated with your fleet system.

It allows your rented customers to view the current data of their users' equipment, make online requests and communicate with end users. With this application, vehicle users can perform the following operations:


  • Viewing equipment data

  • Notification in case of expiration

  • Follow-up of maintenance & breakdown, damage, tire change, replacement equipment request, listing and work order status

  • Notification on service assignments

  • Roadside assistance and useful documents

End User Mobile Application

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Equipment Delivery Mobile Application

You can track the equipment to be delivered or purchased to your customers via mobile applications. Outsourced valet etc. or you can assign work to the in-house delivery team. You can make your delivery and pick-up transactions with your mobile departure and arrival information.

While performing all these operations, you can determine which user can operate on which equipment from the system with delivery orders. You can create delivery forms, share them via e-mail if desired, and use mobile signature.

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