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Rental Platform

 Discover our rental product and ensure business continuity.

Manage all your processes from purchase to 2nd hand sales in an integrated way. Track your sales activities with CRM applications, and create a customized system with online and dynamic processes.

Price Calculation and Offer

Financial Assessment

Convention and Additional Protocol

 Purchasing Operations

After Sales Processing (SSH)


Price Calculation

You can calculate costs based on contract duration, equipment, and hardware in bids to analyze planned and actual profitability. You can easily manage processes with fast and online bids.


Dynamic Approval Processes

When offering bids, you can design tiered approval processes based on equipment, duration, and profitability. You can easily manage financial controls and evaluation throughout the bid with a traceable workflow.

Contract Tracking

With the fleet system, you can define contract terms and payment plans, and manage the signing process and document management through the system.  You can follow each contract in a document flow linked to different stages, including renewal, additional products, new equipment, time extension, contract terms, and company transfer protocols, up to equipment return.



Customer Relationship Management

You can record pre-sales activities, and track visit plans and sales opportunities. You can link them to proposal processes, and track leads, and conversion rate reports. You can integrate the CRM module with after-sales to automatically schedule equipment visits and track equipment status.



Second Hand Management

You can make sales planning with the planned second-hand value and current second-hand value analysis of the equipment. You can integrate with our business partners who perform second-hand value analysis for current second-hand prices and create a reliable and stable business process for finding the right price. You can report the profitability amounts and rates of the sold equipment by entering second-hand sales information.


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Campaign Definition

You can create campaigns for your in-stock equipment based on criteria such as different duration, equipment, payment method, customer segment, and additional services. You can publish the created campaigns on your website. Online Process Flow In your campaign equipment offer, you can forward the documents to be received from the customer and the contracts to be sent to the customers online. Your customers can follow the stage of the process online.

Online Process Flow
In your campaign equipment offer, you can forward the documents to be received from the customer and the contracts to be sent to the customers online. Your customers can follow the stage of the process online.


Document Management
You can print the documents of all processes from the system and share them with customers or business partners via e-mail. You can record the offer form, contract form, vehicle delivery form, proforma or actual invoices from suppliers and services, and work order printouts sent to the customer from the system on the panel, and track them by associating them with documents.


You can get daily, weekly, monthly, and annual operation reports instantly from the system, along with operation reports showing the daily business plans of the users. Report templates that need to be prepared for managers can be defined in the system in advance and can be visualized on the dashboard and reported more readable.

Income and Expense Tracking

You can record the income from payment plans on the equipment moving during the contract period, income from additional reflections to the customer, and actual expenses arising from after-sales services for each piece of equipment and contract. In this way, you can track income and expenses on an equipment basis. You can make a real profit and loss analysis by comparing the income and expenses planned in the offer with the equipment movements that end with second-hand sales.


 You can quickly see and track your upcoming, pending, or ongoing work on the dashboard screen consisting of shortcuts. The data you want to add or remove can be dynamically designed in the system and positioned on the panel. With this statistical data, users can easily follow their daily work lists and the jobs waiting for them.

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User Management 

In the system, users can be manually created individually or collectively; users can also log in to the system with LDAP, active directory, and mail integrations. You can also manage users' password complexity, e-mail verification, log in with SMS integration, and session timeout controls in a parametric way.​

Role and Authority Management

With the wide authorization system, you can create different roles with different authorizations in all screen and approval processes. You can assign these created roles to users. You can make periodic authorization assignments for users when necessary. You can make cross-checks and comparisons with role and authorization reporting.

User and Transaction Logs History

All transactions and changes made by users on the system are recorded as history on a field basis and you can report on transaction, module, and user basis.


Maintenance and Breakdown

You can record maintenance requests from various channels (website, call center, customer portal, mobile application), define service planning, parts, and labor, and manage work orders by comparing them with previous ones. You can reflect the amounts to the customer or service on the work order and transfer them to the accounting system with the approval process. You can report equipment whose maintenance time is approaching and have the system send notifications about it.

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You can guide customers on issues such as service planning and roadside assistance for damage notifications, plan insurance processes, towing service, and substitution products, and generate reports. You can define equipment expertise processes, track transactions, and integrate with accounting systems.

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You can manage replacement equipment processes related to work orders and give replacement equipment to customers as outsourced or self-owned. You can enter the duration of the replacement equipment and outsourcing replacement costs into the system and report the equipment that is approaching the replacement deadline for notification, and have the system send notifications about it.

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Traffic Fine and HGS

You can record traffic fines and HGS passes on your vehicles collectively or individually on the system. If you wish, your data can be automatically transferred to the system with HGS integration. With PTT Integration, you can receive passes and loads into the system; you can ensure that they are reflected in customers in integration with the accounting system.

After Sales Services (SSH)

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