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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Reports Part of Fiorent

Running a successful rental operation means being able to track your data on a regular basis. You can get daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports instantly from the system, along with operation reports showing the daily business plans of the users.

Fleet List, Delivery and Pickup

Reports such as Equipment, Work Order Status Report, Stock status by instant status in Dashboards, Equipment Pending Purchase or Payment are some of them.

Track What's Happening in Your Fleet

The status of the equipment in your fleet can change at any time. You can access your data instantly with our Dashboard screen that provides you with a detailed report.

Customize the View and Arrange the Details According to Yourself

Each user can create a dashboard or home page view according to their own wishes. With this statistical data, users can easily organize their daily work lists and the work waiting for them according to their wishes and follow them easily.

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