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Equipment Rental Operation Management with Fiorent

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The subject that cannot be ignored in today's and tomorrow's world is sustainability. Building a sustainable world starts with reducing consumption, one of the ways to reduce consumption is to rent equipment rather than buying it. The mentioned equipment groups include sectors ranging from medical supplies to audio production products, from construction machinery to scooter. Leasing operations have gained importance in terms of both sustainability and keeping the costs at the desired level. In leasing operations, the system used to manage the rental operation is as important as the quality of the rental equipment. Fiorent is a dynamic, renewable system that can meet the specific needs of each sector and simplifies the flow and project follow-up of your rental operation.

User Friendly Panel

In equipment rental operation, the management process is challenging. There are multiple detailed areas to be focused on at the same time. Simplifying the use of the panel is one of the main goal of Fiorent. It is very important not to overwhelm users with too much information, to bring the relevant information when necessary, and to have an understandable panel. With the improvements made in this direction, the panel has become an easy to use and user-friendly system. Thanks to the frequently asked questions section on proposal, inventory, maintenance, profitability calculation etc. screens and more, we aimed to support you without interrupting your workflow. Due to FAQs (frequently asked questions) and renewable data entry fields, it is possible with Fiorent to handle complex data and challenging business processes in operation. The user experience is constantly being improved through design and engineering studies for the end user.

User Transaction History

Monitoring the changes made in the system is a crucial detail for rental business management. In leasing operations, being able to follow multiple approval processes or changes in contracts quickly and effectively speeds up the flow of your business. Whether the number of equipment is small or large, it is important to keep the history of each change that has been made. With the Fiorent User Activty History, it records every change which has been change on the basis of date, time, transaction and person; it enables transaction history to download and filed in a excel document. With this, you can make the necessary follow-up and report it without interrupting the operation.


It is important to be integrated with all necessary programs in order to follow your rental operation properly and to provide data flow. Fiorent gives you this freedom. It is suitable to integrate with document management system, customer service, accounting, reporting, resale evaluation systems and more. With the integrations made, all details related to your rental operation can be transferred to Fiorent. Mutual synchronous data flow can be provided with the data kept in Fiorent. With its adaptable structure, Fiorent is a great system for optimizing your operation and improving your business.

Rental sector is getting more and more demand every day it is very critical to be able to provide quick solutions and prevent problems that may occur before hand. The issues mentioned above are just a few of the problems that Fiorent offers solutions for equipment rental operations. Fiorent, as your technology partner, is a dynamic system that updates itself in line with your preferences in order to minimize the problems to be encountered.

What is your expectation from a rental software?

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